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Updated package with modern swirl wallpapers

April 28, 2007
I have updated the Debian package with the wallpapers so they actually show up in the Gnome Desktop Background Preferences (right click on your Gnome desktop and choose "Change Desktop background").

Download the new version of the Debian Wallpapers - Modern Swirl

I have several other wallpapers on the drawing board... but I never get satisfied enough with them to upload them here :(

Website moved

April 28, 2007
This website is no longer hosted on my server at home. Instead it has been moved to (virtual) server on a 100Mbit connection so it should have fairly snappy download speed :)

Wallpapers in Debian package

January 31, 2005
I have created a Debian package with the wallpapers that I have created.

They automatically register with GNOME >=2.8 so you can find them by clicking right mouse button on your desktop and choose: "Change Desktop Background".

The wallpapers are installed in /usr/share/background

The package also works with Ubuntu (though I don't know why you would use it ;-) )
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