Updated package with modern swirl wallpapers

April 28, 2007
I have updated the Debian package with the wallpapers so they actually show up in the Gnome Desktop Background Preferences (right click on your Gnome desktop and choose "Change Desktop background").

Download the new version of the Debian Wallpapers - Modern Swirl

I have several other wallpapers on the drawing board... but I never get satisfied enough with them to upload them here :(

Website moved

April 28, 2007
This website is no longer hosted on my server at home. Instead it has been moved to (virtual) server on a 100Mbit connection so it should have fairly snappy download speed :)

Wallpapers in Debian package

January 31, 2005
I have created a Debian package with the wallpapers that I have created.

They automatically register with GNOME >=2.8 so you can find them by clicking right mouse button on your desktop and choose: "Change Desktop Background".

The wallpapers are installed in /usr/share/background

The package also works with Ubuntu (though I don't know why you would use it ;-) )

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2004
Just wanted to whish you a merry chrismas and a happy new year. It was my intention to create a christmas wallpaper for you all. But time totally disappeared *crap*

Perhapes next year... or perhapes a wallpaper with an easter bunny ;-)

GIMP 2.2 finds it's way into unstable

December 24, 2004
GIMP 2.2 pre has been in experimental for som time now but a few days ago (20. December) the final 2.2 release hit unstable.

A lot of new stuff in this release...

Inkscape 0.40 in unstable

December 1, 2004
I have just found the new version of Inkscape to be in unstable (version 0.40).

Some of the new stuff is:
* text on a path
* better free hand drawing
* new tutorials
* gtk 2.4 file dialog

I can't remember it all... go fetch it and check it out yourself.

GIMP 2.0.6 available for Debian

November 4, 2004
This new point release is fetchable in unstable at the moment. Though it will probably soon be obsoleted by GIMP 2.2. Lets hope so.

The 2.0.6 release fixes som minor bugs and a crash which occoured with Pango 1.2.

Old wallpapers updated

October 19, 2004
On some of the old wallpapers an email address was tagged on the wallpapers lower left corner. This has now been removed.

Wallpapers affected:
* True Freedom
* First Love
* Natures gift

The render of True Freedom also had a black border around the image, this has also been removed.

Debianart updated

October 19, 2004
Tonight (danish time) Debianart got an update. Not much new for you guys, but for those who are interested the following has happend:

* Site rewritten to use Smarty template engine
* News are now stored in a database, and a backend web interface has been added. So now it is easy for me to create news for the site.
* I have created an upload function which creates thumbs for images like PNG, JPG and GIF. This will also make it easier for me to maintain the site.

New GIMP 2.0 release in Debian

September 26, 2004
Now GIMP 2.0.5 has hit unstable or at least it will very soon.
Details about the bugfixes is listed in the NEWS file.

This will be one of the last stable releases before the 2.2 release.

Update: GIMP 2.0.5 is now to find in testing.

What is happening behind the scenes

September 17, 2004
The last couple of weeks I have been working on converting to use the template engine Smarty for PHP.

I have also been working on a way to easily submit new graphics for the site, which resulted in expanding the datamodel. Now there is still a lot of work to be done, and I don't have that much time at hand. I just wanted to let you know that I havn't forgot you :)

I talked to Sebastian Raible who gave me the idear to automaticly package wallpapers in Debian packages, to ease the download and install process.

Traffic boost on

August 26, 2004
Yesterday traffic increased heavily. Some of the wallpapers have doubled their download count in 2 days while the site has been online 2 months now. I haven't put much into promoting the site except a few selected friends, who I know uses Debian daily, and a forum post on a Danish Debian forum.
I thinks it is very exciting, and I would like to know where all the vistors come from?!
I hope my badwidth holds up :-)

Update: The word of has reached the spanish debian users ( The increased visit count comes from this site.

GIMP 2.0.4 in unstable

August 8, 2004
A new version of the stable GIMP (version 2.0.4) has entered unstable for you designing/painting pleasure.

Inkscape 0.39 has hit unstable

July 24, 2004
Finally Inkscape 0.39 has entered unstable with improvements like clones, edit groups, pattern fills and more. If everything goes well it will enter testing soon. For details on the improvements see the release notes on the wiki page on

GIMP 2.0.3 enters unstable

July 19, 2004
Fixes long standing tablet pointer switching bug (Closes: #203755)

Debian text-logo

July 3, 2004
The Debian text-logo (original font) and a modern Debian swirl added to the gallery area ready for download. Both are in SVG.

First graphics added

June 27, 2004
I have added the first graphics on the site ready for download.

Site launced

June 26, 2004
The domain is up and running and the site is gette to a oint where it is usable. More updates will follow.